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Performed May 18 - 27 2005

Story line of Bold Girls:
Set in Belfast in the 1990s, Rona Munro’s award-winning play, Bold Girls, is about the domestic lives of three working-class women whose husbands have been killed or imprisoned for their political activities. Their bonds of friendship and family ties, crucial to their survival, are shattered by the appearance of a mysterious young girl….
Despite the grim background, this is a play full of heartwarming and humorous moments – a play about friendship, loyalty, laughter, betrayal, hate and love – a play about people not politics.
In 1991, Bold Girls earned Rona Munro the London Evening Standard’s Most Promising Playwright Award, and in New York the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn Award for a female dramatist whose works represent outstanding quality for the English-speaking theatre.

Behind the scenes:
Dorothy Nauer
Stage Managers
Sheila von Arx & Tricia Tomlinson-Schmid
Set Design
Firmin Burke
Lighting Design
Elisa Kang & Tola Ward
Lighting Team
Megan Spence. Steve Martin & Paul Hankes Drielsma
Sound Recording
Martin Russell
Sound Team
Martin Russell, Matthew Harte, Mark Kempe & Alexander Saheb
Patricia Peggs, Lynda Klomann, Janet Evard, Karin Siber & Susan de Paul
Tom Hofmaenner
Maureen Grimm & Hagar Schipper-Admoni

Front of House

Valery Niggli & Club Members
Box Office
Nicholas MacCabe & Club members
Programme Editor
Paul Day
Programme Design
Peter Schietinger
Title Artwork (and this)
Paul Bilton
Leslie von Arx
Paul Bilton