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"Ghost Writer" by David Tristram See further photos of this and other plays at our online photo album.

Ghost Writer - November 2010

Assistant Director
Julie-anne Smith
Daniele Dagani
Luke Walker
Jamie Langridge
Julie-anne Smith
Deborah Somers
Irene Toedtli
Paul Bilton

Secret cast photos
Ghost Writer Flyer

Edward Pinfold was once a promising young playwright. Since the tragic death a year ago of his actress wife, Ruby, he has lost the ability to write. In fact, he has lost the ability to do almost anything but drink. Unable to face the emptiness of his own home, he has moved into the attic room of one of his oldest actor friends, Alex. We join the story on the first anniversary of Ruby’s death. A night of surprises, revelations and unexpected creativity lies ahead.

Production Coordinator
Stage Managers
Set Design
Lighting Design
Lights Crew
Sound Design
Sound Crew
Props Crew
Make Up
Front of House
Photography for Preogramme,
Foyer and Web
Box Office
Title Artwork & Programme Design
Programme Editor
Tiina Palojärvi
Nik Clayton
, Kerstin Preuschoff
Firman Burke, Tim Purdue, Tiina Palojärvi
Andreas Stahl
Enel Kaldma, Iain Richardson, Monika Stampfli, Corinne Schmuki
Paul Standerwick
Susan de Paul, Karen Siber
Chris Tradwin, Yael Hazan
Janet Evard
Sarah Emch-Jones, Celeste Graf, Simone Leske, Debbie Marolf
Claudia Bodmer, Tania Khanschassoff
Maurine Grimm, Valentina d'Alessandro, Paul Day, Sylvia Day
Tricia Schmid and Members of the Club
Nik Clayton, Firman Burke, Tiina Palojärvi, Martin Chweirut,
Daniele Dagani, Paul Bilton
Nicholas MacCabe & Members of the Club
Paul Bilton
Marc Kempe
Daniele Dagani

   Rehearsal montage:
Ghost Writer in Rehearsal