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7 Stories Flyer

Imagine sticking your head out of the window of your seventh storey apartment and seeing a man standing on the ledge, looking down at the pavement. What do you do? Call the police? The fire brigade? Try to talk to him? Find out why he’s there? The characters in Morris Panych’s 7 Stories have their own very individual ways of reacting, or not reacting to the unusual sight outside their windows. There are two lovers threatening to murder one another, a paranoid psychiatrist, an actor preparing for the role of his life on his wedding day, and a Christian lady who – in her own special way – answers the prayers of the tenants on the sixth floor. Only one of the eccentric neighbours, a 100-hundred-year-old lady has a proposal for the man on the ledge…
Panych’s dialogues are a light-hearted examination of the dark absurdity of human existence. While the man on the ledge walks the fine line between life and death, the rest of the residents struggle more or less consciously with what one of them calls the ‘fine line between fiction and reality’. The man on the ledge, it seems, has made an honest choice. How honest though are the protagonists of the seven urban stories being enacted inside the apartment block?

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Title Art and Programme Design
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Tiina Palojärvi
Trish Schmid, Sheila von Arx,
Rachel Lundeen
Firman Burke, Tim Purdue
Andreas Stahl, Luke Walker
Kerstin Preuschoff, Iain Richardson, Corinne Schmucki, Martin Russell,
Carolina Diaz Quijano, Jan Sinstadt
Terry Menard
Deborah Somers, Susan DePaul, Karen Siber, Simone Leske
Irene Lautenbach, Martin Chwierut
Matt Albin
Noeleen Blaich, Lesley Hodder,
Imma Ortega, Xavi Ferró, Nik Clayton,
Cameron Roy, Kelli Shoemaker
Bouqui Stautmeister, Valery Niggli,
Valentina d’Alessandro
Christine Eusebio, Maureen Grimm, Anouscha Schodjai, Sylvia Day,
Bernadette Anderko, Slava Kästli
Paul and Regula Bilton
and members of the Club
Nicholas MacCabe
and members of the Club
Daniele Dagani, Firman Burke
Paul Bilton
Marc Kempe
Daniele Dagani
Bouqui Stautmeister