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Remembrance, Graham Reid’s most popular play, may be set against the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland, but it tells the poignant and moving story of a Protestant widower and a Roman Catholic widow who happen to meet in the cemetery where their sons are buried.

Gradually and gently, the friendship of two lonely people develops into something deeper, despite the objections of their children, objections that provide the play with both its most violent outbursts and its greatest comic moments.

Remembrance has been performed all over the world. It ran for 8 months at the Irish Arts Centre in New York and, interestingly, for 18 months in Hebrew in Tel Aviv.

Valery Niggli
Alan Bridgman
Conor Kelly
Noeleen Blaich
Deborah Somers
Bernadette Anderko
Julie-anne Smith
Behind the Scenes
Production Coordinator
Stage Managers
Set Design
Lighting Design
Lights Crew

Sound Design
Sound Crew


Rotating Stage Slaves


Front of House
Box Office
Title Artwork
Programme Photography & Publicity
Tiina Palojärvi
Paul Bilton, Imma Ortega
Tim Purdue
Andreas Stahl & Kerstin Preuschoff
Jamie Langridge, Carolina Diaz Quijano,
Dustin Rees, Iain Richardson,
Terry Menard
Marianne Alewine, Rachel Lundeen,
Florence Razoux, Martin Russell, Karen Siber
Ana Alvarez, Lynda Klomann, Sally Krauer,
Sheila von Arx (Crew Head), Claudia Wicki
Joan Bridgman, Dorothy Nauer
Claudia Bodmer & Tania Khanschassoff
Xavi Ferró, Phil Margolis, Tom Namovich,
Cameron Roy, Dominic Waithe, Harry Woolley
Sylvia Day, Christine Eusebio, Celeste Graf,
Beatrice Hungerbühler
Gillian-Joy Bailly-Cowell & Stephen Brindley
Nicholas MacCabe
Firman Burke
Noeleen Blaich (Idea), Jamie Langridge (Exec.)
David Roscoe (Ed.), Peter Schietinger (Design)
Daniele Dagani

Remembrance in Rehearsal Remembrance - rehearsal pictures